<img src="https://agentmarketing.com/usr/12/00/17/68/79/140512095612.jpg?t=1534421349"><br> Rare opportunity to live in a brand new town home in the Baker Neighborhood! The area has gained incredible popularity with all the exciting growth on South Broadway (SOBO), the Santa Fe Arts District and close proximity to Downtown Denver, the lightrail, and easy highway access. Key Development, LLC in conjunction with Robb Studio designed a modern layout offering high-end finishes and open floor plans for contemporary living in the heart of Denver. The 2 master bedrooms, large study and 4 bath modular homes have been created off-site, which results in a better built, more energy efficient home, than can be built on-site. The team chose All American Homes of Colorado for their modular builds for a naturally greener product -- precision built in a controlled environment, using only top quality components. With modular construction methods, there is very little waste, preserving our natural resources and saving trips to the landfill. The community also boasts welcoming outside living spaces. Priced from $390,000 to $450,000 Please click the PROPERTY INFO tab on the left to view Floor Plans. For more information call Terri V. James at 303-518-8564 <br>